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This ain’t your grandpa’s fund.

We are a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind alternative investment community. With the Alts 1 Fund, we’re offering investors the chance to stay one step ahead of the market and achieve the returns that traditional funds can only dream of.

Alternative assets have historically beaten the equity markets with minimal correlation. With alts, your portfolio is both more profitable and less risky.

We’ve been covering this stuff for years. We know it, we understand it, and we’re incredibly nerdy about analyzing it.

We do countless hours of research and analysis to find mispriced or undervalued gems across more than 30 asset classes.

And we’re really, really good at picking winners.

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  • Number of Units


  • Minimum Investment Amount


  • Time Horizon

    10 years

  • Target Return


  • Offering Exemption

    Reg D, accredited investors only

Backed by a team of six researchers and analysts, the fund is lead by Wyatt Cavalier, CIO and Co-founder of, and Stefan von Imhof, CEO and Co-founder.

About Wyatt

Wyatt spent 15 years as a US Army Ranger and Intelligence Officer. He successfully predicted civil wars across two continents, and he literally wrote the playbook for NATO’s post-Gaddafi strategy in Libya.

While working as a Vice President at Barclays, he successfully predicted the fintech revolution in 2010, painting a dramatic picture of the disintermediation of traditional finance for the bank’s senior leadership. They didn’t listen.

He has an MBA in Finance from the Chicago Booth School of Buisness, and MA in International Security from Georgetown, and a BA from UCLA.

About Stefan

Stefan lives and breathes asset analysis and valuations. Formerly the Head of Product at Flippa, the world’s largest marketplace for buying & selling online businesses, he built Flippa’s Due Diligence Program.

Before Flippa, Stefan was the first product manager at HG Insights, a market intelligence company sold to Riverwood Capital Partners in 2020.

Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives in Australia with his wife & Boston Terrier, Charlie.

The ALTS 1 fund will invest in a broad basket of alternative assets across 10 different asset classes, maximizing returns whilst smoothing out volatility.

Our crypto assets will be managed fairly actively with a focus on blue-chips (BTC, ETC), second-tier coins (MATIC, SOL, etc), and a few more speculative plays (essentially a barbell approach). We’ll aim to generate significant yield with our staking and liquidity-providing strategies and will rebalance the portfolio as and when it makes sense.

While we’ve constructed an initial target allocation, we will actively rebalance this based on industry trends and new opportunities across emerging asset classes.

We will deploy roughly 80% of the fund within the first three months of launch.

For a full overview of the assets, read our prospectus.

Fund Contents
Initial target allocation

While diversifying into alternatives offers a smart alternative to more traditional markets, we’re going to make investing with us a no-brainer.

Debut investor offer:
Every investor in the ALTS1 fund pays only 1% management fees, not just today but for any future funds.

Fees & Perks
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